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Skying the Driver - Don't Do It!

If you continue to hit the ball straight up in the air, don't tee the ball lower to correct yourself, but check these things with your swing:

1. If you are taking a divot or breaking your tee every time, then your angle into the ball is too steep. You should check, Is your right hand creeping under the grip? Remember the V on your right hand should be pointing at your chin. If it is pointing at your right shoulder you are in trouble (if you are a right handed golfer);

2. You could be dropping your left shoulder as you are starting the back swing.This will make the club lift not go around;

3. Make sure no weight is left on the front foot when you are starting your backswing or when you get to the top of your back swing it must be over your back foot;

4. Try taking the club back much lower to the ground.

Sometimes skying the driver can be a real pain. If these tips aren't helping, give me a call and book a lesson! We will have you fixed in no time!

Great golfing! See you next month!


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