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The Set Up and Pre Shot Routine

As we discussed last month, the grip and set up are the fundamental keys to a great golf swing. Therefore, this month we will continue the basics with the Set Up.

  1. Always use a regimented pre-shot and set up routine;

  2. Look from behind the ball towards the target to visualize the shot you want to play;

  3. Approach the ball and address the ball with your feet together;

  4. Tilt forward from the hips so the top half of your body is closer to the ball. This creates room for your arms to swing freely. (Your weight should be on the balls of your feet);

  5. Move your left foot first three inches, then your right foot six inches. Your feet should be shoulder width apart (the inside of your feet should be as wide as the outside of your shoulders.);

  6. Make sure your feet are aligned parallel to the target line;

  7. Your weight should be evenly distributed for an iron shot. For tee shots, your weight should be distributed with 60% on the right foot for a right handed golfer and vice versa for the left.

This pre-shot routine and set up will get your game going in the right direction. Great golfing! See you next month!



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