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Grip and Set Up

I was always taught that your swing is only ever as good as your GRIP and SETUP lets it be!!!! So, our first Tip of the Month focuses on the grip, as it is the most influential part of controlling the club face through the impact point.

A right handed golfer should always put the left hand on the golf club first and vice versa.....

1. Hold the club in your fingertips rather than in the palms of your hands. The way your arms and hands naturally hang should be at the same angle that grip the club. When gripping the club, you should be able to count at least two and a half knuckles on the left hand.....The more knuckles you can see, the more you will hook it, the fewer knuckles you can see the more you will slice it.

2. Your right hand sits in the fingers as well. Make sure that the V on your right hand points between your chin and right ear. The thumb and forefinger on your right hand should be pinching.

3. An interlocking or over-lapping grip can be used, whichever is comfortable for you.

4. The grip pressure should be on the last two fingers of the left hand and the middle two fingers of your right hand.

Great Golfing! See you next month!



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