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As we all know, practice is a vital component to achievement on the golf course. When you are practicing, it is extremely important that every practice shot is the same as what you do on the course. Therefore, always use your established pre-shot routine when you practice.

On every practice shot, visualise the shape of the shot and the swing you want to use. The more you practice with visualisation and intention, the more your practice will convert to positive results on the course.

Kel Nagle said it is best; it is better to hit 100 balls (or whatever goal you have in mind) in an hour correctly and let it take you one hour to do so, then to do what many people do when they merely “hit” balls and hit the same 100 balls in only 20 minutes. In other words, your practice session should have intention, and every ball you hit should be hit with a goal in mind.

Don’t always hit balls with the clubs you like. I always begin my practice session with a seven iron to get started.

Again, never hit a shot without a purpose or a target. Practice is preparation for the game, so make every practice shot count. With purpose, intention and focus, your practice sessions will become more effective and your game will see the intended results!

Great Practice and Great Golfing! See you next month!



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