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The Takeaway

One of the most common problems in a golfer’s swing actually can be corrected at the very beginning of the swing, or the takeaway. Many golfers begin their takeaway with a body sway or a rocking motion. Some golfers even begin with a slight cocking movement of their wrists.

The first move away from the golf ball should always begin with what I like to call the One Piece Takeaway. This means that your arms, hands and club should move away from the ball together.

A right handed golfer would move his/her left arm, hands and club at the same time, without moving the wrists and legs too early. A left handed golfer would begin moving the right arm in the same motion.

By doing the One Piece Takeaway correctly, you will see a much squarer club face at the impact point of the golf ball which will enable you to have more control over ball direction.

Next month we will discuss body rotation into the swing.

Great golfing! See you next month!



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