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Last month we discussed the importance of beginning the backswing correctly with what I like to call a “One Piece Take-Away”. The follow on to this is the way the body rotates after that first move, getting you to the top of your backswing in the correct position.

For a right handed golfer, the left arm should keep swinging with the left shoulder, turning until the shoulder is under your chin and you are looking over your shoulder at the ball.

When the left shoulder is under your chin, your weight should have shifted slightly to the back foot. This indicates you are ready to start your downswing.

A good drill to feel the correct rotation movement is to put both feet together and swing the arms back away from the ball. This creates the effect of forcing the body to coil correctly.

Another drill to feel the right motion is to put your club behind your back in the crease of your elbows. Turn the back and feel the shaft pull your body around, again in the correct coil.

Great golfing! See you next month!



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